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xianyang qinhua specail electronic component co.,ltd, is a professional manufacture of high quality resistors for a wide range of industrial,military,medical,railway,control system and etc.

3d2020年所有开奖号码the company was established in 2000 with over 18 years experience in designing,manufacturing and reseaching marketing. it's located in north district of national tuspark century avenue,xianyang, shaanxi,china,our management and r&d teams have abundant experience in both practical operation and theoretical research. the company is qualified for iso9001:2008. the manufacture area is over 3000 square meters with 2 large professional laboratory.the annual output is more than 5 million models of various resistors. the main products is large power oxide film resistor. wirewound resistor and high voltage glaze film resistor three series.we were cooperation with schneider,rockwell, j&p, british witten etc worldwide famous company.

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  • 1, The brands throughout the companies;
  • 2, Factory direct supplier price concessions;
  • 3,500 scale technical team;
  • 4, The product quality is better than peers;
  • 5, We deserve your trust
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